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Our DB admin gave proper rights again to the new database that has the same name.

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How to find the Exchange Server Mailbox Database ID

Author Commented: Find out now! Is there a system table that can tell me what the table name is or was of the DB ID 25?

Learn, Share, Apply – a blog by Harsh Shah on SQL Server

Top Expert This award recognizes someone who has achieved high tech and professional accomplishments as an expert in a specific topic. Are you looking for the place ID of a specific place?

Leak #2: Overall Business Data Velocity

Use the place ID finder below to search for a place and get its ID:. A place ID is a textual identifier that uniquely identifies a place. The length of the identifier may vary.

Use MS Access to Make Employees ID Card: ID Card Production Database.

Place IDs are exempt from the caching restrictions stated in Section 3. Once you've identified the place ID for a place, you may reuse that value the next time you look up that place.

How to find the Exchange Server Mailbox Database ID

For more information, see Save place IDs for later use below. You can store the place ID and use it to retrieve the same place details later. Read about saving place IDs below. Then you can use the place ID to look up place details. Leave new. Thank you so much!

I fixed the error. I appreciate it. Dear Sir, I love your articles and database scripts. Ashish, This is very useful script.

DB_ID (Transact-SQL)

If you find it simple, you can read other stuff on blog. We all are different level and our needs are different. Dear dave, Thanks for simple style you have used to explain sql stuffs. HI Pinal Dave, Thanks for your helpful articles. I have a question for you.