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Turnbull did all he could to destroy the LNP both during his ministership and afterwards in the recent months yet is till a member of the Liberal Party.

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Turnbull should be reregistered from the party forthwith for betraying the Liberal Party. Yes, Turncoat should be delisted and his actions noted for future generations of conservatives so his like are kept out of the party. We are yet to get a warts and all insider account of how everyone picked on him.

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Expect a book within the next 18 months. He is going to be in a lot of trouble. His ex friends are currently ringing up the zoos to see which one has the biggest pack of wolves. Look for American Dems socialists to back away bit from their recent push to make climate change action an issue in the up coming US election cycle in 3,2,1….

This effect will be worth watching for. Pelosi is trying to keep a lid on alarmism, with AOC dragging the Dems dangerously left. Have to see how the horde of Pres candidates react. One of many negative aspects of increasing totalitarianism is that people start to say what they think authority wants to hear, not what they really believe. Polls rely on those polled being honest, stating what they really think, and as became obvious last night, honesty and totalitarianism are incompatible, at least outside the ballot box — at least while we still have secret ballots.

On another subject, I think the people of Warringa will regret their decision over the next 3 years. Tony Abbot was a member who tirelessly and honestly strove to represent and support the people of his electorate. Most of the politics that counts is mundane issues over a very broad range of subjects not in the public spotlight. Steggall however made it clear in her victory speech, her entire focus is on one issue — climate change.

Does she have the slightest interest in representing her electorate on other issues? Even worse, if the electorate decides it does not want some of the outcomes flowing from her brand of climate alarmism would she go with the wishes of the electorate or with her beliefs? Basically her goal is to peddle her brand of climate alarmism not to represent the people who elected her at all and I think it will not be long until the electorate realises how badly they have been deceived.

A pack of vicious jackals brought down a lion. The best history is always written with some time perspective. That is the true measure of the man they have spurned. I think the voters of Warringa may give the Left a lesson they will never forget once they have come to their senses. No, no. Zali said her election was the dawning of a new age of Australian politics. Just you watch! And now perhaps, an inquiry into Infigen share prices and Turnbull both generations involvement can take place.

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Been a while since I stopped by here. Saw an article somewhere else about the election results. Best of luck to you from the states.

Keep your fingers crossed that we can do the same in They put all their resources, money and people to attack him and, by doing that, they left gaps elsewhere on the field. She approved Adani, expecting an incoming labor gov to veto it.

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That way she could claim innocence. I should go and buy a house in Townsville or Mackay today, the prices are depressed but Adani will change that. Even praises siting subsidized intermittent solar-power farms within a coastal cyclone belt. But without a viable opposition in Queensland Labor will win regardless. What we need is a new Joh Bjelke Petersen type leader to finally kill-off the persistent political-left smallpox infection in Queensland once and for all. The perception was of regional Queenslanders paying the price in jobs and growth for the ALP looking after Sydney and Melbourne voters….

There was, for example, National George Christensen who over a period spent more time in Manila than in his home town of Mackay. The source of voter tolerance of MP truancy and other unhappy episodes could be summed up in one word: Adani…. One of the daftest and most self-indulgent features of the campaign was the Adani convoy of Greens leaders who drove to central Queensland full of moral superiority.

Federal election results: Adani destroys Labor in Queensland news. Only renewable power allowed, ban on all oil products, only EVs permitted, higher taxes…. These elections are very close. A catastrophic failure of these policies on a small scale, though, would prevent a more massive failure that could have long reaching effects. I am more than willing to see a U.

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One federal law we need, first, is one that says if you ban the production of electricity by using fossil fuels, then you can not import electricity from another state that was produced by fossil fuels. I think CA is going to do just that, and claim its green policies work.

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Hope for a cool summer coming and keep your generator serviced. Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos said some of the result could be explained by those opposing the Adani project being seen as anti-jobs. Senator Wong admitted the controversial Adani coal mine, which Labor opposes but the Coalition supports, may have made the difference…. One of my great memories from last night is Wong still banging on about Climate while the ticker under her on the screen was converting undecided seats to LNP.

She then went on to once again describe how very superior Labor policies were for the good of the country. I think she may have been in denial and her mouth was on auto pilot. Yay for the right of politics! Of course it gives us another govt…for however long they hold it together…with the economically illiterate kiddies in charge again. But, Fear and Skeer seems to have just carried the day.

Will be hard for a future opposition or even Govt to take worthwhile policy that has winners and losers as they all do to the electorate. Not the time for small target stuff but its what we will get for a while. Will be interesting to see how the final count plays out. Fear not Phil, this will be the most unified coalition gov for years. Turnbull gorn, Pyne gorn, Bishop gorn.

I look out the window and see beautiful blue sky. Life is good.

It is the sickly deep green agenda, that you and your ilk espouse, that has been defeated for at least the next 3 years. Fair enough snip, ED, sorry about that, got a bit over exuberant. They also had a total jackass as a leader, and a whole bunch of non-thinking thugs as immediate followers.

CO2 does not cause global warming, we need to build new Hele coal fired power stations for the good of the planet. Sustainable is a one word oxymoron because it requires giving up, that is not sustaining, our present way of life.