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One easily legible sign that Trump did something wrong is that his administration rushed to cover up the July 25 call after it happened.

By inviting the nation to read the transcript, the president seems to be signaling that he has nothing to be ashamed of, and trying to push Republicans toward door No. He has shown a tendency to conflate himself and the government , justifying abuses of power, precedent, and propriety.

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Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who testified this week, was rattled and feared that the call endangered American national security. Others who heard the call were also distressed, and took their concerns to an anonymous whistle-blower.

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But not everyone approached the problem the same way. But what impact does reverse type have on reader comprehension? This is the crucial issue. It is absolutely pointless designing an attractive looking page that is hard to read. With one million readers, he wanted to maximize the effectiveness of his words.

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Advertising guru, David Ogilvy, said that advertising copy should never be set in reverse type. Colin Wheildon set out to test this maxim. This figure seems to be the ceiling for good comprehension of any text. However, all three versions of white text printed on a colored background produced horrendous reader comprehension!

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Readers complained of experiencing a form of light vibration, which seemed to make the lines of type move and merge into one another. Some people say that reversing is only problematic if serif type is used.

Under this assumption, reader comprehension of sans serif text should improve. Add to Wishlist. Who called?

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