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Other marriage records must be obtained from the local clerk in the village, town or city where the marriage license was obtained. Also on file are divorce records for all of New York State since Uncertified copies of older certificates are available for genealogy research. Translation Service Disclaimer. Richard J. You are here Home Birth, Marriage, and Death Records Birth, Marriage, and Death Records New York began statewide registration of births, marriages, and deaths "vital records" in , under supervision of the State and local boards of health.

Compliance with the law was incomplete until or even later; therefore certificates are lacking for many events.

Several of the State's larger cities recorded vital events for varying periods of time prior to ; see below for more information. An law required the school districts in each town to collect vital statistics. They ceased doing so after a few years. The indexes cover the entire state outside of New York City and start in June deaths or marriages and births.

Birth indexes are made available after 75 years, marriage and death indexes after 50 years. Birth indexes have been made available through only. An index entry states only the name of the person, date and place of event, and State certificate number. The data in the indexes is not available in electronic format, except for death indexes made available for download from the State Department of Health.

These datasets start in and are posted after 50 years. The indexes do include vital events in the former towns of Kings County prior to their annexation by the City of Brooklyn in the s and '90s; in portions of Westchester County prior to their annexation by New York City in ; and in Richmond County Staten Island and the western portion of Queens County prior to their incorporation into the City of New York, January 1, The indexes do not include births and deaths in Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers prior to , or marriages in those cities prior to Contact the local registrar of vital statistics in those cities for information about earlier records.

The birth indexes do not include original data for adopted infants.

The birth and death indexes do include data on individuals who were born or died in a state facility such as a prison or mental hospital. Copies of the micro fiche index to vital records certificates held by the NYS Department of Health are located at the following locations:. Did you find this site useful? If so, please consider making a donation to Reclaim The Records , the c 3 non-profit organization who liberated this data and who created this website.

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Learn more about our work. Please enter a name You need to enter at least one given name or surname in order to see search results. Please enter a start year and an end year If you fill in a start year, you need to fill in an end year too, and vice versa. This database only covers Make sure your start year is no earlier than and your end year is no later than Currently displaying just the top results.

More results and pagination coming soon. This is a three-page occasionally four-page document set originally issued by the New York City Clerk's Office. Read all about it! Newer files are still stored there, but some older files have been moved to the New York City Municipal Archives.

The NYC Marriage Index

There is no separate index. Note that a marriage certificate is not the same thing as a marriage license! The NYC Department of Personnel began a partnership registry for city employees in August , and the City Clerk's Office began a formal registry for the general public in January More details. The program was not discontinued even after the statewide legalization of same-sex marriage in June The index files created by the New York City Clerk's Office clearly had some problems with the quality of their data:. Yes, in most states, a basic marriage license "log" or marriage license index is considered to be public information, even if the actual certificates or licenses may have strict privacy rules under the state's vital records laws.

That ruling does require that any data deemed to be too personally intrusive, such as the street addresses of the license applicants, must be removed before making the data public. The City Clerk's Office refused to comply with their request and a lawsuit was initiated in March The City Clerk's Office settled the case in September , providing the data, and reimbursing Reclaim the Records' attorneys fees. You can read the whole story, along with copies of the actual court filings, here.

Their version of the database also includes two columns for the spouses' dates of birth, which were removed for privacy reasons before handing the data over as part of the legal settlement.

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This is an invasion of privacy. No database exists yet for pre licenses, but the original handwritten ledgers were microfilmed.

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The index microfilms were recently digitized and put online for free public use; they were won in a Freedom of Information lawsuit. And the index microfilms were won in a separate Freedom of Information lawsuit, and were uploaded to the Internet Archive in early There is also a totally separate record database that indexes the NYC Health Department marriage certificates up through , which was created by the combined volunteer efforts of two non-profit genealogical groups.

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Note that marriage certificates and marriage licenses are not the same thing. Read more about the many different kinds of New York City marriage records. This data is in the public domain. Have a ball. But please let us know how you're using it, so we can link to your website or project, and show off all the cool stuff people have done with this open data. I can't find certain people in this database, but I know they were married in New York City between and !

This database only holds records of licenses filed in New York City. If the people you're looking for were living somewhere else nearby, such as Westchester county or Nassau county, they may have applied for the license there , but signed the papers at the wedding ceremony held in New York City. Additionally, the contents of this data, as provided by the City Clerk's office, have some This may make it difficult to find people who "should" be in there. Read more about the known problems with the data. I found certain people in this database, but I know they were not married in New York City between and !

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A tiny number of people in this database may have applied for and received a license from the City -- sometimes even more than once! Again, this is a database of licenses. Whether the couple actually said "I Do" is not recorded here.